The Macpherson Group, LLC

Posted on January 28, 2019
The Macpherson Group, LLC

Nathan MacPherson Defends the Constitution! Exposing Constitutional and Statutory Violations

Nathaniel K. “Nathan” MacPherson – “The Young Lawyer” – is admitted to practice law on two continents and his clients have ranged from foreign finance ministries and major global banks, to a publicly traded company and a bank director, to homeowners with civil and criminal foreclosure issues, to pastors, churches, and family businesses targeted by IRS.

Nathan regularly travels the country and talks on the radio and has presented around the State of Alaska, including to the Governor and members of the State House and State Senate, regarding the Constitutional issues surrounding the Common Core.

Watch Nathan speaking at the Mat-Su Common Core Symposium held on January 13, 2015, in Palmer, Alaska. The event was hosted by Alaska State Representative Lora Reinbold, Chair of the Regulatory Review Committee and Vice-Chair of the House Education Committee.


Legal Team

Donald W. (Mac) MacPherson,

Mac is the only attorney in the country who is a board-certified specialist in both tax law and criminal law, and his clients have ranged from a Hollywood stunt double, Hollywood star, CIA operatives, James Earl Ray, and street preachers to two governors, three state senators, and a major U.S. airline.





Nathaniel K. (Nathan) MacPherson,
Attorney At Law

Nathan is admitted to practice law on two continents and his clients have ranged from foreign finance ministries and major global banks, to a publicly traded company and a bank director, to German nobility, a Hollywood star, and a five-star restaurant, to homeowners with civil and criminal foreclosure issues.






Scott MacPherson,
Attorney At Law

Scott is admitted to practice law in California, Arizona, and Washington DC. He was the editor of three books on federal income tax law and contributes articles every year to a nationally-circulated monthly tax newsletter. He has negotiated offers in compromise, installment agreements, and removed wage livies for clients all across the country.




Areas of Practice

Civil Tax/Collection

Whether your civil tax problem concerns an IRS or state tax notice, failure to file returns, lien, levy, seizure of property, Tax Court case, Court of Appeals, administrative appeal, or audit, we can assist you in considering your viable options and developing the best strategy.

Some options may include, among others: installment agreement (IA), offer in compromise (OIC), statute of limitations (CSED), currently not collectible (CNC), bankruptcy (BK), pay or borrow and pay, or a combination of these.

Bankruptcy Planning

We have assisted clients in discharging through bankruptcy millions of dollars in income and other tax debts. But the rules are complicated and a miscalculation of even one day could be devastating.

Tax/bankruptcy planning requires detailed analyses of all facts, numbers crunching, and evaluating the potential results, as well as careful strategic planning.

Criminal Tax

In a criminal case one cannot “settle up” with IRS merely by paying the tax, penalty and interest that might be owed. Once you are aware that you are under investigation, we can assist in trying to convince the government to drop the case. There are several levels at which this is possible.

The investigation can take as long as six years, from start to indictment, and usually cases take two to four years. If the case proceeds forward, we will advise you of your options concerning negotiating a plea agreement or going to trial, as well as issues concerning the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which dictates what kind of jail sentence and/or fines you could face.

Foreclosure Offense & Credit Card Debt Settlement

We are recognized leaders in the field of “foreclosure defense” – what we like to call “foreclosure offense.” Before the field was widely known, Mac wrote his “Foreclosure Defense Memo.” Mac and Nathan were on the bleeding edge of legal development with their law journal article, ‘From a Syntactical Fog into an Impassible Swamp’ – Fed Up Mortgage Foreclosure Judges Find ‘No Life on MERS.’

Often, our tax clients owe credit card and other unsecured debt. We regularly work with our clients’ creditors to settle that debt outside of bankruptcy, achieving results with which our clients are very pleased and allowing our clients to gain a fresh start on their lives.


Mac MacPherson has nearly four decades of litigation experience ranging from civil RICO suits to defense of federal tax evasion charges. Mac has tried over 55 criminal tax cases in 24 states.

The sooner you have on board an experienced litigator, who is certified in both tax and in criminal law, the better prepared you become. In the military tradition, MacPherson, a West Point graduate, the “Courtroom Commando,” calls it “full metal jacket.”

Civil, Criminal, and Bankruptcy

There are major differences between civil and criminal tax matters and bankruptcy, but there are connections between the three, and each area must be evaluated with consideration of the others.

We take an holistic view to problem solving: the “West Point Systems Engineering” approach.

Offshore/Tax Shelters

If you have “invested” money offshore, or are involved in a tax shelter (what IRS calls an “abusive tax shelter”), you need to know how IRS proceeds in such cases and what options may be available to you. We represent clients in both areas.

Criminal Case Responsibility Options

It is important that you hire someone to represent you NOW if you have not yet done so. Our responsibility in the case can vary: we can do everything from taking on full responsibility for the case, to acting as a consultant to you proceeding pro se, or acting as a consultant to your local counsel. Retainer and fees vary depending on responsibility.

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